I am five when my dream of dandelion fluff cracks open, and the Queen of the Fairies pulls herself up from one of the crevices.

“You are wrong,” she tells me.

I’m scared, because her crooked smile reveals teeth sharpened down to points, and I don’t know what wrong is, so I repeat the word. “Wrong.”

She nods seriously, so I say it again. “Wrong.”

Back in December, a couple of writing friends decided to do a quick little 48 hour challenge in support of one of the gang who’d made it to the finals of the NYCM flash competition. The rules? Write a flash piece under 1k using ‘a dream’ as a location and ‘a camera’ as an object.

Fun, right?


I had a blast writing a little piece about a changeling girl who’s fairy queen mother wants to trade her back after the human she stole starts causing problems, and I’m so thrilled that it found a home at Second Chance Lit!